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The American Spirit is a precious and delicate thing. It requires nurturing, love of country, knowledge of history and the dedication of all to preserve the freedom we are able to enjoy today for future generations. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to engaging the community in activities that help promote the respect and vitality of our American Spirit. 


Community activities are the catalyst of unity. If we come together to do something great then we strengthen from within. That's the goal of the American Spirit Alliance - to bring together our community members to strengthen our American Spirit and restore historical accounts that may lay dormant but has contributed significantly to our founding. 


Donations to the American Spirit Alliance help active troops that are in financial distress keep their homes and support other Veteran program initiatives. 

The First-hand account from CSM Andrew Reyna
A San Antonio Patriot during World War II, Korean War & Cuban Missile Crisis

In the 1940s the Veterans that served in the Korean War and World War II would trek 22 miles on foot from Fort Sam Houston to Camp Bullis for artillery training. They did this first thing Monday mornings and it would take them all day to reach their destination (Camp Bullis).


They trained Tuesday to Thursday at Camp Bullis because artillery training wasn't allowed within City limits. Early Friday mornings they would begin their 22-mile trek back double-timed in hopes that they'd have enough 'rest and relaxation' time before their Saturday morning inspections.


The NW Military corridor was designated as the Second Indianhead Division Memorial Highway in 1998 to help commemorate that historical era. 

Since 2013 the American Spirit Alliance has united the community on Independence Day to celebrate by planting thousands of flags along the Second Indian Division Memorial Highway  (better known as NW Military Highway).


Thousands of flags adorn the corridor from IH 410 to Camp Bullis during the holiday to help move the spirit with the visual that this accomplishment brings. 


Not only do our citizens come together as a community but they also help us keep the historical significance of the corridor ALIVE. 

Now an incredibly ENERGETIC 94 year old he tells his real estate agent he wants to sell his house.

When she asked, 'Why?' He replied, 'I'm moving to Syria to take care of those oppressors!'

You have to LOVE the American Spirit of which he's the epitome!

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