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American Spirit Run


Check out these legs!

Course Description:
Start in the John James Park.  Head north on the path. Turn right on Rittiman Rd.  Turn right on Aina, Turn right on Hollbrook.  Cross bridge over Walzem Creek then veer left onto Salado Creek Greenway.  Follow Salado Creek Greenway into the Oakwell Trailhead Park.  Right at the "Y."  Left at the next "Y."  Stay Left at the next intersection.  Left at the next "Y." Left at the following "Y."  Veer right at the the next "Y" under the highway.  Stay straight on the path.  Cross Salado Creek.  Stay right at the next intersection.  Go left at the "Y."  Cross under Nacogdoches.  Cross under Wetmore.  Stay left at the next intersection.  Cross under NE Entrance Rd.  Turn left at the T.  Pass waste plant.  Cross Jones Maltsberger.  Croos under Wurzbach Pkwy.  Continue to follow path back under Wurzbach Pkwy again.  Cross N North Loop Rd.  Cross E North Loop Rd.  Cross under West Ave into Park. Turn left onto Walker Ranch Trailhead.  Stay Right at the "Y."  Veer left at the "Y."  Head Left at the next "Y."  Stay straight through the next intersection.  Stay right through the next 2 "Y"s.  Cross under Wurzbach Pkwy.  Cross under Blanco Rd into Phil Hardberger Park.  Follow path as it curves right.  Turn right at the 2nd 4 way intersection to follow Salado Creek Greenway trail.  Take the following left.  Path runs parallel to Voelker Lane then curves to the right away from the road. Sat right through all intersections until Huebner Rd.  Turn left on Huebner Rd. Turn right on NW Military. Turn right on Cliffside.  Turn right on Fawn.  Turn left on Shavano.  Turn right on Wagon Trail.  Turn right on NW Military.  Proceed on NW Military all the way to Eisenhower Park.  Turn left into the park to the finish line.


Leg 1 = 3.46 mi

Start: John James Park
Exchange Point: Tobin Park Trailhead

Park: John James Park

Leg 2 = 4.43 mi

Start: Tobin Park Trailhead
Exchange Point: Bitters Bulky Waste

Park: Tobin Park Trailhead

Leg 3 = 4.19 mi

Start: Bitters Bulky Waste
Exchange Point: Phil Hardberger Park where path crosses under Blanco Rd

Park: Bitters Bulky Waste

Leg 4 = 5.92 mi

Start: Phil Hardberger Park where path crosses under Blanco Rd
Exchange Point: Intersection of Wagon Trail & Shavano Dr

Park: Phil Hardberger Park

Leg 5 = 2 mi

Start: Intersection of Wagon Trail & Shavano Dr
Finish Line: Eisenhower Park

Park: Wagon Trail

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